The ABCs of Converting Every Lead Into a Buyer


Streamed live on 13 May 2016


**The ABCs of Converting Every Lead Into a Buyer**

In this webcast:
– How to Test your marketing budget across different Ads platforms
– The importance of tagging & conversion tracking will assist you in isolating the best marketing chanels
– Following up with the leads based on their buying patterns & behaviors to help you convert them immediately or over time

Our Guest speaker this week are:
Chinmai Swamy: Chinmai is the business branding expert, author, international speaker and the transformational coach who can transform your businesses to stand out and get noticed, get more buyers and make your customers fall in love with your business.

Naval Kumar
Naval is a veteran Digital Marketing expert with over a decades worth of internet marketing experience, marketing consultant and coach, and the Award Winning Author of Digital Marketing Manifesto 2016.

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